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WingFlyer - America's New Scooter Sensation!

LOW-IMPACT: A smooth, elliptical motion provides a great workout that’s gentle on your knees, hips, ankles, and back. The natural stand-up riding position reduces stress on your neck and back while completely eliminating sore butt syndrome

FUN TO RIDE: The speed, handling, and motion feel like “jogging on air,” giving you a low-impact exercise experience at any age. The WingFlyer is meant to ride outdoors on the same paths that you walk, jog, run or bike. Get off the computer and enjoy nature!

MULTIPLE AGE/WEIGHT OPTIONS: The steering height and weight capacities are matched to the rider. The WingFlyer folds to fit inside most vehicles and on a variety of roof, trunk and hitch racks.



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See what the experts say...

“Riding also burns calories at a rate equivalent to step aerobics and rowing (burns in excess of 600 calories per hour). The smooth, flat pedal motion of the WingFlyer scooter is a lower-impact exercise that produces less pressure on joints and bones. Parents should consider the health benefits of products on the market when making their purchases.”   Dr. Leon A. Dickerson, Retired Orthopedic Spine and Pediatric Surgery Specialist OTHER TESTIMONIES Love this! My kids are having a blast on these and it is well built! Jaime Collins The WingFlyer is so fun! Swinging around the neighborhood gets the stares and your fanny never gets sore like it does on a bike. Elizabeth Timmons Read More